2023 Q3

Rate liming & Quota control

Enforce rate limits for each of your customer tiers. Make sure business customers get served with the highest SLA and enforce rate limits for free users.

2023 Q4

Model explainers

Gain insights into the behavior and decision-making process of ML models. Interpret and explain the predictions or classifications made by the models, making them more transparent, understandable, and trustworthy to users and stakeholders.

2024 Q1

A/B testing, Shadow/Canary deployments

Safely rollout and monitor your models by utilizing a wide range of deployment techniques. Validate your models on every step of their lifecycle.

2024 Q2

Continous Deployment

Establish complete control over your ML model rollouts via a fully automated model verification and deployment pipeline mechanism.

2024 Q3

Unified observability platform

A Unified observability platform for ML models in production is a comprehensive tool or system that provides monitoring, tracking, and visualization capabilities for machine learning models deployed in real-world applications. Gather and analyze relevant data about the models' performance, behavior, and outcomes, allowing for effective management, debugging, and optimization of the models throughout their lifecycle in production environments.